A World To Come, 2019

A World To Come, 2019

A World To Come is an installation consisting of a neon text piece with flickering letter L reading A World To Come / A Word To Come and seven cotton drill cloaks. The cloaks aim to heal division by combining the Seven Deadly Sins of Lust, Anger, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy and Avarice (represented by traditional animal symbolism) with their global opposites of the Seven Contrary Virtues. By blending vices with virtues the piece creates a new and non-binary cast of characters for present and future times: The Goat of Chastity, The Lion of Patience, The Peacock of Humility, The Pig of Temperance, The Snail of Diligence, The Snake of Gratitude and The Toad of Generosity, aiming to defy stereotypes.

Commissioned by Art + Christianity, the work was installed at All Saints and St Andrew’s, Kingston, Cambridgeshire (12 July – 1 October 2019). This small parish church retains fragments of Medieval wall paintings depicting schemes of morality such as the Wheel of the Seven Acts of Corporal Mercy, The Tree of Evil and Seven Deadly Sins, St George and the Dragon and the Psychomachia (Battle of the Soul).

Cloaks sewn by Isobel Chandler.

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Installation view, All Saints and St Andrew, Kingston, Cambridgeshire

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