Occupation Artist, 2012

Occupation Artist, 2012

Occupation Artist is a multi-channel video installation with one single spoken word soundtrack. The seven videos, each with ambient sound, show the artists of Roam collective (all participants of Neither Here Nor There retreat at Wysing Arts Centre 2009) in a place ‘where they feel at home in a professional sense’ and in some way connected to water, as a metaphor for a career in the arts. The spoken soundtrack is a collage of slightly skewed statements on different aspects of the role of the artist (role, field, place and product), derived from interviews with Roam collective, but sometimes replacing the pronoun ‘I’ for ‘we’ or ‘you’.

Installation at Aid&Abet, Cambridge, 2012 , clip


Roaming Aid&Abet image





Sequence 01.Still002


Video stills