Neutral Earth Live, CD, 2017

Neutral Earth Live, CD, 2017

Free CD with three sound compositions as part of Live Neutral Earth public art scheme for Woodside Link, Houghton Regis, by Bettina Furnée. Two of the compositions are visually represented as painted sound-waves on the infrastructure of the new road. The sound was made available by distributing free CD’s and a temporary FM broadcast (2017), as well as roadside audio post and download. All sound compositions by Marcus Leadley, incorporating field recordings from Houghton Regis and Luton. some of which were contributed by local residents.

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Neutral Earth Live Cd front

Neutral Earth Live free CD for local residents, 2017



anthem 3 small

Anthem For The Road, audio-visual installation, 2017

March small

March Of The Pedestrian, audio-visual installation, 2017

Woodland Chorus lowres

Woodland Chorus, sound composition, 2017