Material Response, 2011-2012

Material Response, 2011-2012

Material Response was a two-month international residency and exchange between the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas and Colchester and Ipswich Museums, organised by A FINE LINE as part of Eastern Exchanges/London Olympiad 2012. The body of work I produced during my residency in Nassau was shown at Ipswich Art Gallery in September 2011, and at Ipswich Museum in July 2012.

Works shown at Ipswich Gallery included short time-lapse films Allman Strength Roots and Ginseng Up, with footage of homemade water barometers responding to runaway atmospheric pressure, accompanied by voice recordings of conversations about hurricanes, as well as a series of postcards sent daily from Nassau to Cambridge with weather observations.

Works shown at Ipswich Museum included Hummer Conch, a conch shell emitting the sound of a Hummer car, and time-lapse film Here’s Luck, showing a foil emergency shelter on the beach being caught by the tide.  Twelve Bahamian writers responded to the film by writing and reading aloud a short screenplay each at the Instant Writing Event at The Hub, Nassau, in July 2011. These narratives were recorded and edited as soundtrack, and later transcribed with the help of Michael McMillan, to be published by AND Public as a booklet with postcard insert.


Here’s Luck, still, timelapse film 2011


Here’s Luck, still, timelapse film 2011



Here’s Luck shoot on Adelaide beach assisted by artists from PopopStudios.

instant writing the Hub

Instant Writing Event, screenwriting for Here’s Luck, the Hub, Nassau, 21 July 2011

weather postcards

Weather, 20 postcards with daily weather observations 2011



Installation views, duo show, Ipswich Gallery, 2011

conch crop

Hummer Conch, pulsating light and audio of Hummer car