Lines of Defence, 2008

Lines of Defence, 2008

Lines of Defence is a time-lapse film (30 mins. 2008) documenting the progress of an installation of 38 flags spelling SUBMISSION IS ADVANCING AT A FRIGHTFUL SPEED on the cliffs at East Lane, Bawdsey, Suffolk. A new camera still was made available online every 15 minutes throughout 2005. The archive of 35,000 stills was used to edit this immersive film, which documents the disappearance of the installation and 17 metres of land in one single year, and which alludes to themes of war, coastal erosion and the global impact of big business on farming. Lines of Defence was produced as part of self-initiated project If Ever You’re In The Area (2005-06).

(text sourced by Simon Frazer, camera/webcast Dylan Banarse, editing Tim Sidell, sound design Nick Ryall).

Lines of Defence (film, 30 mins., 2008),  Clip


Lines of Defence, East Lane, Bawdsey, 2005